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​​​Digital Security

​The UAE National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) aims to secure national information and commu​nications across the UAE. NCSS is based on five focus areas:

Prepare and prevent: Aims to raise the minimum protection level of cyber assets and ensure compliance to the UAE’s cyber security standards
Respond and recover: Aims to develop incident and response management capabilities and improve threat neutralisation capabilities
Build national capability: Aims to inform and educate the public and workforce about cyber security and promote research in the field
Foster collaboration: Aims to collaborate with international bodies to catalyse cyber security efforts nationally and internationally
Provide national leadership: Aims to develop initiatives to guide the implementation of the National Cyber Security strategy.

Policies to handle cyber security issues:
The National Information Assurance Framework (NIAF)
The framework aims to ensure a minimum level of information assurance (IA) capabilities within all the UAE’s entities and establish a common approach that allows them to interact with each other with a sector and national perspective.
Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Policy
The purpose of this policy is to identify and develop the necessary application programmes to protect critical information infrastructure. The policy sets out key stages of applying risk reduction to critical information infrastructure.
National Information Assurance Standards (IAS)
The Information Assurance Standards (IAS) cover a broader range of information protection and management aspects including business information continuity, disaster recovery, compliance, certification and accreditation. 
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