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E-Participant Policy

E-Participant Policy

The Ministry of Health is committed to apply the E-participation guidelines provided by the UAE Federal E-Government

The Ministry of Health has taken an active role on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We hope to provide a constructive platform that creates a positive dialogue with our community & public we serve.

This document in conjunction with the Social Media Usage policy provides broad guidelines on responsible, safe and effective usage. We believe in doing so, we can better interact with other social media users and cooperate with customers to facilitate the design & implementation of governmental programs and services at various levels.

The below policy intends to clarify the relationship and communication protocol to promote the mutual benefit of these tools; answer the followers' questions directly as per the guidelines of the UAE Federal E-Government.


The Department of Government Communication undertakes the responsibility of publishing & managing relevant content on social networking websites related to news, events, updates and services in a clear manner.

  • Posting content & online customer engagement is limited to 7:30 am to 2:30 pm, 5 days a week, except Friday, Saturday and official public holidays.
  • The Department is responsible for answering customer queries originating from from social media websites.


All users will respect & adhere to the principles of professional conduct and ethics in the public offices of the Federal authorities (issued in July 2010) and the UAE Human Resources Law (Federal Law No. 11 of 2008).

  • The users will act and engage in a manner that maintains the UAE government's reputation.
  • No unofficial or personal content should be published for the purposes of correspondence, including e-mail, phone number or their personal profiles.
  • The team in charge of the managing MoH's social media presence bears the responsibility of ensuring that their personal conduct on social networking websites should not damage MoH reputation.
  • The MoH Customer service team will be responsible in addressing customers' complaints which need support, especially when it is required to contact the customer directly.
  • Communication with customers & followers via social networking channels is interactive, not authoritarian. It is a guided communication, not haphazard.​

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