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Charter Commitment

Performance results according to customer charter

The Ministry of Health & prevention annually assesses the level of commitment to meet the requirements and obligations of its Customer Charter, and in order to share its results with the clients, attached the results customer charter measures:

Perception Measures Commitments​

Satisfaction about service information Measures customer satisfaction about the availability of service information such as papers and documents. target 70% 78%
actual 72% 88%
Satisfaction about service time Measures customer satisfaction about the time spent and speed of service delivery. target 70% 80%
actual 74% 90%
Satisfaction about Facilities and work environment Measures customer satisfaction about Facilities and work environment available. target 70% 73%
actual 67% 71%
Satisfaction about customer charter Measures customer satisfaction about customer charter. target 70% 79%
actual 73% 83%

Key Performance Indicators Commitments

Percentage of calls answered through the call center Measures the number of calls answered out of all calls received by the call center target 95% 95%
actual 98.8% 98%
Percentage of suggestions responded within the specified time Measures the percentage of suggestions responded within the specified time (14 days for normal, 30 days for complicated) target -- 86%
actual 45% 89%
Average service time Measures the actual average service time spent by customers till they got the service. target 10 10
* 4
* 4
* Average results for all customer happiness centers.
In general the level of commitments for the customer charter is 98% for 2015 and 99% in 2016.

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