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Ministry of Health Organizes Pediatric First Aid and CPR Training Program in Sharjah

Healthcare Issues / 28 Jun 2014

Ministry of Health Organizes Pediatric First Aid and CPR Training Program in Sharjah

Ministry of Health Organizes Pediatric First Aid and CPR Training Program in Sharjah
The Ministry of Health, in coordination with Sharjah Education Council organized a training program “First Aid and Pediatric CPR” Training Program “on Thursday 26th June 2014”. The program aims to increase the awareness of the nursery authorities to eliminate the dangers of injuries and provide a safety environment for children. The training program comes as part of the ministry’s interest to enhance the employees of government nurseries on the methods of dealing with emergency cases.

Awadh Al Kitbi, Assistant Undersecretary for Support Services at the Ministry of Health, said: “The training program is one of the important initiatives for the ministry of health and the first of its kind in the Middle East and Northern Africa Region and is certified by the American Heart Association. The program supports the main goals of the Ministry of Health in increasing the health awareness of the society to prevent accidents and emergencies of different injuries that may occur to children in nurseries and providing a safe environment for them”.

Al Kitbi emphasized the importance of cooperation with competent authorities to provide the targeted audience with the required skills and equip the supervisors with the latest talented knowledge abilities to reduce the injury risks which may lead to severe dangers to children. The program also enables them to deal with various emergency cases to ensure the safety of children’s nurseries. 

Furthermore, Aisha Saif, Chairman of Sharjah Education Council indicated that the training program is an excellent initiative by the Ministry of Health and enhances its cooperation with Sharjah Education Council. The training program targets 150 nursery supervisors representing 18 nurseries in the emirate of Sharjah, all under the umbrella of Sharjah Education Council. “As part of our social responsibility and study the need of the society, we encouraged our employees to participate in this important program and learn how to deal with nursery children in all emergency cases”, she elaborated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Khalil Qaed, Training and Development Expert in the support sector of the Ministry of Health, stated that the Ministry of Health is very keen in implementing its strategy and plans either through the preventive perspective or by emergency and first aid cases.  This year, the Ministry of Health concentrates on the education sector especially in nurseries and schools.

Dr. Amira Al Khaja, Coordinator of the event in the Ministry of Health, indicated the importance of cooperation with the government nurseries in Sharjah Education Council noting that the scientific text has been provided in details by the American Heart Association to benefit the targeted audience.

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