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Ministry of Health Participates in Therapeutic Tourism Conference in Turkey

Healthcare Issues / 18 Jun 2014

Ministry of Health Participates in Therapeutic Tourism Conference in Turkey

Ministry of Health Participates in Therapeutic Tourism Conference in Turkey
The Ministry of Health participated in the International Therapeutic Conference and Exhibition in Turkey which was held between 11-14 June 2014. The ministry was represented by Dr. Mostafa Al Sayed Al Hashemi, Deputy Director of Dubai Medical District and Director of Therapeutic Tourism Program in the Ministry of Health.Dr. Mostafa Al Hashemi, lauded the efforts of the participants and expressed the UAE’s efforts in enhancing the role of therapeutic treatment since it represents a large support to the industry of the country thanks to the strategic location, political and economic stability of the country. He said: “The UAE is known for its positive environment and attraction for businessmen and investors from all over the world; it is also characterized with flexible laws and regulations in addition to the supporting infrastructure for therapeutic treatment and diagnostic services in all medical fields”.
Dr. Al Hashemi emphasized that the UAE is one of the biggest therapeutic markets in the Middle East and is classified to be within the 20th wealthy countries in terms of individual expenditure on healthcare services. It is expected that the therapeutic tourism sector will grow between 15-20% each year whereas the expenditure of the health sector is expected to reach 80-100 billion Dirhams by 2020. He also indicated that the number of tourists in the UAE will increase at Expo 2020 to more than 30 million tourist and the health insurance system will also play an important role in pushing the therapeutic tourism to very high standards in the UAE.Dr. Al Hashemi indicated that the UAE achieved distinctive healthcare in the past years noting that therapeutic tourism increases when the suitable environment, right medical and administration staff and organization are available and excellent services in hospitals. The UAE now, has a large number of accredited hospitals that can provide international therapeutic tourism in addition to the excellent reputation of the country in terms of aviation, hotels, shopping malls, festivals and other cultural activities.
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