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Ministry of Health and Prevention Marks World Blood Donor Day Under the Theme Safe Blood for All

Healthcare Issues / 15 Jun 2019

Ministry of Health and Prevention Marks World Blood Donor Day Under the Theme Safe Blood for All

Ministry of Health and Prevention Marks World Blood Donor Day Under the Theme Safe Blood for All

Under the theme “Safe Blood for All”, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), represented by the Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center, celebrated on Thursday, June 13, the World Blood Donor Day which falls on June 14 every year.

The event serves to raise awareness of the global need for safe blood and to highlight the decisive role of blood donation in achieving the Universal Health Coverage objective.

A report on the contributions of blood donors in various blood transfusion campaigns was also displayed on the sidelines of the ceremony.


Speaking about the pioneering role of the UAE in blood transfusion services, Dr. Hussein Al-Rand said: “The UAE has a leading role in the blood transfusion safety and the voluntary blood donation which reached 100%. MoHAP is keen to mark this event annually in recognition of the vital humanitarian role of regular blood donors and blood transfusion services supportive entities.”

“This ceremony also aims at raising awareness of the people about the need of accident victims and patients with conditions such as thalassemia and anemia for safe blood, in addition to increasing the strategic stockpile of blood banks in the country’s hospitals. These efforts are part of MoHAP’s strategy aiming to provide comprehensive, innovative and fair healthcare services as per the international standards and develop blood transfusion services in accordance with the best international practices,” added Al-Rand.

Al-Rand further said: “With the endorsement of our wise leadership, the UAE has a distinguished position in terms of the safety of blood transfusion services at the regional level. Our citizens are leading the country’s blood donors list, in addition to the keenness of blood banks to organize constant blood donation campaigns.”

He shed light on the achievements of the country’s blood banks after having obtained the accreditation of both the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). Moreover, WHO’s selection for the Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center as its regional hub in the Middle East since 2008 apparently reflects the development and quality of the services provided and the Blood Transfusion Center’s key role in the blood transfusion training and research field.

Outstanding Attention at Official & Grass-Roots Level

For her part, Safia Al Shamsi, Director of Laboratories and Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center, said: “Sharjah Blood Transfusion Centre, jointly with public and private parties, is keen on organizing regular campaigns for blood donation, in view of the constant need for blood donors who greatly contribute to saving lives of many people every year, whether through their regular donation or in emergency cases.”

She added that blood donation campaigns are witnessing remarkable attention at the official and grass-roots level alike, noting that blood donation is a common medical procedure, through which, a healthy person agrees voluntarily to donate his blood to a patient in a need for blood. Besides, the donated blood is also used in various medical purposes. 

“The statistics of Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center showed that the number of blood units taken in 2018 was (17142). While the number of blood donation campaigns organized by Sharjah Blood Transfusion Center was (500). she noted.

Al Shamsi pointed out that MoHAP is listing blood donation services as prioritized healthcare services through the provision of blood units and their components at government and private hospitals. 

The ceremony was concluded with honoring the partners who are sharing the same objectives aiming to help patients in the UAE. The honoring included Police Science Academy, Special Security Forces, Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and several medical service providers and regular blood donors.    

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