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Ministry of Health and Prevention Reinforces UAE as an attracting destination to Internationally Pioneer Visiting Consultants

Healthcare Issues / 21 May 2019

Ministry of Health and Prevention Reinforces UAE as an attracting destination to Internationally Pioneer Visiting Consultants

Ministry of Health and Prevention Reinforces UAE as an attracting destination to Internationally Pioneer Visiting Consultants

Dr. Sultan Sharif, Director of the MoHAP’s Visiting Consultants Office, revealed that the satisfaction rate of patients who received their treatment at the Ministry’s hospitals after implementing Visiting Consultants Program exceeded 90%. This comes in parallel with an increase of 51% in the number of visiting consultants from 2017 to 2018.

“The achievement rate in 2019 is about to reach 100%, despite the fact that we are still in the first half of the year. These statistical outcomes reflects the success of the program which we are keen to share with the public about such achievements as they are mutual success stories,” said Dr. Sharif.

He added that the Visiting Consultants Program is always striving to develop its tools and performance in innovative ways to attract the most renowned consultants in various specialties to fully benefit of their global expertise. 

Sharif further noted: “Our selection criteria are constantly developing because our ultimate goal is to bring pioneer consultants in their field.”

He pointed out that the Visiting Consultants Office is developing a list of pioneer names of consulting doctors who proved their competency in providing advanced therapeutic solutions, like robotic Surgery for instance, to obtain long-term residency. This comes in accordance with the Cabinet’s decree in terms of regulating residency permits for talented people, including distinguished consulting doctors.

A Prominent Visiting Doctor to Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital in UAE 

As part of the Visiting Consultants Program, Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital, Dubai, had recently hosted Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan, Consultant Psychiatrist (Mood & Anxiety Disorders), who has an outstanding professional reputation across the region. His unique curative methods led to an increase in patients’ appointments at the outpatient clinics of Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital.

Dr. Alsuwaidan also presented a number of workshops to develop the skills of Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital’s doctors and staff, knowing that he is one of the social media influencers and has outstanding contributions to raise people’s awareness on mental health. Dr. Alsuwaidan declared: “No matter how you contribute to mental health, you can make a difference by simply knowing that mental illness is not anyone’s fault, no matter what societal stigma says”.

Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital: A Leading Center for Psychiatric Services

Dr. Adel Kerani, Director of Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital, said: “Dr. Alsuwaidan visit had a positive impact on hospital visitors. He contributed to training our doctors and staff, especially for using LEAP Programme which is one of the global programs in psychiatry sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceuticals”. 

Dr. Kerani added that Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital hosted last month a British visiting doctor specialized in addiction treatment, noting that the Hospital’s upcoming plan includes attracting a number of rares specialties such as Pediatric & Geriatric psychiatry. 

Dr. Adel also highlighted that Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital became one of the leading hospitals in providing psychiatric health services along with its global partnership with Maudsley Health which supports Hospital’s services according to international best practices.

This comes as part of implementing the National Policy for Promoting Mental Health by offering rehabilitation and support services for people with mental illness, in order to be more positive, productive and engaged in the society, in addition to developing a statistical database and promoting psychiatric researches.

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