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Ministry of Health Graduates First Batch of General Practitioners in Family Medicine Specialty

Healthcare Issues / 20 Feb 2019

Ministry of Health Graduates First Batch of General Practitioners in Family Medicine Specialty

Ministry of Health Graduates First Batch of General Practitioners in Family Medicine Specialty

Under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Hussein Abdel-Rahman Al Rand, Undersecretary of the Ministry’s Health Assistant Sector, Health Centers and Clinics and in the presence of Dr. Haifa Fares, acting Director of the Primary Healthcare Department and Head of Workgroup, the Ministry of Health and Prevention “MOHAP” organized a graduation ceremony of the first batch of the programme “Boost the Efficiency of General Practitioners in Family Medicine”. The ceremony was held at MOHAP Training and Development Center, Sharjah.

The programme, which is the first of its of kind, launched by MOHAP in a bid to accomplish the objectives of UAE Vision 2021 “to provide one family doctor for every 1,000 people” and to rehabilitate the specialized medical personnel within its continuous efforts to build the medical competencies and consolidate the innovation in the institutional work environment through the provision of internationally-based standards training services. 

This will also contribute to building smart learning systems to keep pace with future changes and building effective local and international partnerships. Additionally, the programme is considered an important initiative within a package of the initiatives launched by the Ministry of Health in order to achieve the continuing and sustainable education.

The programme, which was organized by Primary Healthcare Department - Health Clinics and Centers Sector, lasted for 6 months and included several scientific topics in this specialty in accordance with evidence-based medicine and latest scientific references with a view to enhancing the skills of the general practitioners in the primary healthcare and strengthening the level of science and knowledge in family medicine specialty.

The First of its Kind

In his speech, H.E. Dr. Hussein Abdel-Rahman Al-Rand, Undersecretary of the Ministry’s Health Assistant Sector, Health Centers and Clinics, welcomed the participants and thanked the Ministry’s Primary Healthcare Department for launching the first-of-its-kind programme which aims to enhance the skills of the general practitioners at the Primary Healthcare Department who didn’t obtain a certificate of specialization in family medicine.

On the other hand, Dr. Al-Rand expressed his gratitude to the wise leadership for its wise vision and meaningful guidance to achieve UAE Vision 2071 and build the happiest society across the globe, a society that provides a healthy life in which the citizens and residents enjoy the best healthcare system in the world, the matter that contributes to promoting life quality and empowering people to live a long and productive life.

Importance of Family Medicine 

“The main drive for launching this programme is to focus on the importance of family medicine in any health system around the world, noting that the optimum goal of the programme is the graduates themselves who have a responsibility to provide family medicine services according to the international medical rules and also provide a comprehensive healthcare in innovative and sustainable ways that ensure society protection from diseases and avoid medical errors. I hope to scale up the level of UAE’s family medicine, in particular that this type of medicine becomes one of the international quality standards for measuring the cultural and health level of society,” added Dr. Al-Rand.

MOHAP: We are committed to keeping pace with WHO’s recommendations 

Dr. Al-Rand renewed MOHAP’s commitment to keeping pace with WHO’s recommendations to provide one family doctor for every 1,000 people in order to promote the general level of health and shrink the expenses used in developing health services, in particular that studies showed that negative health indicators and healthcare costs have been reduced at the countries which adopted the primary healthcare system and family medicine, this contributed to improving society’s health indicators.

Dr. Al-Rand, on the occasion of “Year of Tolerance”, advised the graduates to keep value of tolerance in their souls as an authentic value to drive their giving based on respect, solidarity and charity with all society groups. Thus, The UAE will remain a source of human and cultural inspiration that generates knowledge, ideas, notions and human values and contributes, in a positive way, to boosting cultural growth in the world.

He congratulated the graduates and hailed their efforts and dedication to achieve the programme’s objectives and MOHAP’s strategy, wishing them a career path full of giving, success, creativity, innovation and tolerance.

Worth mentioning that this programme is an educational smart platform of the Ministry of Health and Prevention which includes interactive lectures and hands-on exams.

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