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MOHAP unveils a smart application for AI-based remote patient monitoring

Healthcare Issues / 30 Jan 2019

MOHAP unveils a smart application for AI-based remote patient monitoring

MOHAP unveils a smart application for AI-based remote patient monitoring

As part of its participation at Arab Health 2019 (Dubai World Trade Centre 28 – 31 January), the Ministry of Health and Prevention “MOHAP” unveiled the availability of the smart application “Medopad” for remotely monitoring the body’s vital signs in accordance with the artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The application aims to analyze patient’s information and generate predictive insights which will be able to detect life threatening medical conditions. 

Medopad application, which has been tailored according to patients’ needs, collects data through devices connected to the platform and supports self-management through dashboard available on both IOS and Android systems. Thus, the application tracks the most important daily activities of the user, so that the medical care teams will be able to provide better care that suits every person by remotely analyzing, reviewing and documenting patients’ data and information.

Medopad also has a wide range of educational and awareness content to assist patients including a wide spectrum of rare and complicated diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis M.S., kidney and heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease “COPD”, Parkinson’s disease, pre and post-operative care and others diseases.

Digital health and future hospital

H.E. Dr. Youssif Al Serkal, Assistant Undersecretary for the Ministry’s Hospitals Sector, underscored the importance of adopting this technology in light of the ministry’s qualitative transformation into digital health technologies and the possibility of adopting the model of hospital-at-home in the future to enhance the ministry’s keenness on exploring the healthcare future through exploitation of the innovative and smart technologies.

“By using those latest innovations in the artificial technology field, we will be able to boost our AI-based medical services at the ministry’s hospitals to a distinguished competitive level and fulfill our patients’ needs in accordance with MOHAP’s strategy towards a better healthcare, in addition to building quality systems, curative and health safety according to international standards and improving the outcome of national indicators linked to the quality of life as per National Agenda 2021,” said Dr. Al Serkal.

He pointed out that the ministry is globally proactive in adopting this innovative technology within the framework of UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI), the matter that contributes to strengthening the future medical decisions and shrinking healthcare costs as well.

Innovative models for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and alleviate the burden on hospitals

For her part, Dr. Kalthoum Al Baloushi, Director of Hospitals Administration, said this innovative technology contributes to the quality improvement of healthcare services and allow doctors to monitor patients remotely inside and outside hospitals. The health ministry strives to make a transformation in AI-based healthcare services and latest technologies to develop innovative models for remote patient monitoring, as patients with chronic or rare diseases spend almost 95% of their time outside hospital, consequently patients’ vital medical data will be out of reach of medical care teams.

She added that this technology will also help reduce number of visitors to the hospitals and time spent there and increase patient’s interaction with healthcare practitioners in terms of treatment, increasing their awareness about disease and how to deal with it as well as the regular monitoring in order to prevent disease aggravation and complications whether before or after surgeries. Studies show that providing a realistic pre-surgical rehabilitation programme for patients at home may improve the functionality and reduce the duration of hospitalization, besides reducing surgery complications and medical conditions associated with treatment.

An overview of Ministry of Health and Prevention’s participation at Arab Health 2019

Ministry of Health and Prevention “MOHAP” will take part in the activities of the 44th edition of Arab Health 2019 which will take place from 28 – 31 January at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

MOHAP is planning to launch new and innovative package of advanced services and technologies including the first-of-its-kind healthcare systems and devices which will be unveiled at the ministry’s booth at Arab Health.

Arab Health 2019, which is considered the largest exhibition for healthcare professionals in Middle East and North Africa, will witness the participation of 4250 exhibiting companies and more than 84500 visitors from 160 countries are expected to visit the exhibition. 

39 national booths have been dedicated for exhibiting companies and authorities, in addition to the increasing international representation to several booths and number of its exhibiting companies compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, Arab Health 2019 will witness the organization of 11 specialized and accredited medical conferences for Continuing Medical Education (CME) in various specialties including radiology, surgery, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics and others.   

The upcoming edition, organized by Informa Exhibitions, will shed the light on the innovation in technology domains and business models alike as well as boosting the efficiency in dealing with patients. In this regard and in line with this trend, Arab Health 2019 will provide an innovation hub.

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