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Ministry of Health and Prevention launches cancer awareness program for prevention and early detection of colon cancer

Healthcare Issues / 1 Sep 2018

Ministry of Health and Prevention launches cancer awareness program for prevention and early detection of colon cancer

Ministry of Health and Prevention launches cancer awareness program for prevention and early detection of colon cancer

In line with the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s (MOHAP) strategy to promote healthy lifestyles among the UAE communities and reduce the prevalence of diseases, the Ministry's Department of Health Education and Promotion launched a ‘colon cancer awareness and prevention program,’ which began on August 29. The campaign, which is set to last until September 24, 2018, aims to raise health awareness on various types of cancers and learn about screenings and tests for early cancer detection, which in turn will contribute to enhancing the chances of recovery and reducing mortalities related to cancer.

The campaign highlights on providing information and eliminating misconceptions about colon cancer and also emphasizes to focus on the importance of early detection and prevention of this disease, which has become the most prevalent type of cancer among both men and women. Colon cancer is also identified as one of the top five causes of death caused by malignant cancers. Through the launch of numerous activities, events and educational programs that guide community members to perform early screenings for cancer, and through providing free health check-ups as part of these events, the Ministry seeks to reduce the prevalence of this life-threatening disease.

The campaign features activities aimed at enhancing awareness, conducted across the Ministry's health centers and a number of other government agencies and institutions in the country. Seminars and workshops are also being organized to raise awareness about colon cancer and prevention methods. These include the screening of educational videos, and communicating informative messages and films on the Ministry's social media channels.

H.E. Dr. Hussein Abdulrahman Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for the Ministry’s Health Centers and Clinics Sector, emphasized the Ministry's commitment to initiate such campaigns, which reflects its keenness to promote awareness on the importance of healthy lifestyles. He urged the community members to undergo necessary screenings for the early detection of cancer by taking advantage of services such as ‘Itmenan for early detection of cancer,’ available in various health centers affiliated to the Ministry.

His Excellency added: “We have launched this campaign in line with our strategy to enhance prevention and awareness-raising methods to protect the society from the risk of cancer, in addition to encourage people to follow healthy lifestyles. Through this campaign, we look forward to educating and sensitizing the community on the importance of early detection of cancer in improving the chances of recovery and adopting national cancer prevention programs as a joint responsibility of the governmental and non-governmental sectors. This reflects the vision of the wise leadership to improve health services and work environment for entities involved.”

The campaign includes a series of events at shopping malls such as the Etihad Mall, Lulu Hypermarket, Umm Al Quwain, and Citi Center Ajman. Activities at these centres include free counseling and information on colon cancer and factors that increase the risk of infection from specialists. The Ministry provides free early screening for colon cancer to UAE nationals in collaboration with the hospital NMC Healthcare to provide free checkups for residents during events.

Prasanth Manghat, CEO and Executive Director NMC Health Plc said, “The battle to defeat cancer requires collaboration at multiple levels. NMC is privileged to work closely with the Ministry of Health in the program - Awareness, and prevention of Colorectal Cancer Program for the early detection of colon cancer.  This shall serve the tenets of the UAE National Agenda’s (2021) indicator to reduce cancer mortality.  In order to save our residents from the scourge of cancer, promoting healthy lifestyle habits and running such preventive health checks would go a long way in overcoming this terrible disease.”

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