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Ministry of Health and Prevention assures National Health Survey running smoothly

Healthcare Issues / 19 Mar 2018

Ministry of Health and Prevention assures National Health Survey running smoothly

Ministry of Health and Prevention assures National Health Survey running smoothly

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has assured that the ongoing World Health Organization-approved National Health Survey launched across the UAE on October 29, 2017, under the theme ‘Health Priority’ is running smoothly. Being conducted in cooperation with several government entities, the survey aims to strengthen the country’s health database in aid of national policy making and strategy development processes to improve local health care services according to the objectives of the UAE National Agenda 2021 and the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. 

The Ministry made the statement in an effort to keep the local communities aware of the survey’s importance as it asked for their cooperation and time to answer the questions coming from the Higher Committee of Survey or those being circulated on various social media channels. In coordination with the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA), the Ministry has issued foolproof identification (ID) cards embedded with a smart electronic chip to people authorized to conduct the survey so that participating families can easily identify them. The identification cards also bear the logos of the Ministry and the National Health Survey. The teams carry ID cards issued by the FCSA and the Statistics Center in Dubai as well. 

The Ministry has launched print and digital awareness campaigns, including website and social media platforms, to promote the survey. It has also designated an official e-mail address,, and a dedicated phone number (8001111) to answer public inquiries and clarifications in relation to the health survey. Additionally, prior to the survey, the Ministry has sent a text message to the respondents selected based on given criteria to inform them of the deployed teams' work program. The criteria has been placed to ensure the collection of accurate statistical data using smart analytical tools, with an aim of updating the country’s progress in relation to the national health indicators; contributing to the health policy development; providing exceptional health services to the community; achieving the best results; and enhancing the quality of healthcare services in the country. 

Easy verification of identification 

For easy identification, the teams conducting the survey are wearing official uniforms bearing the logos of the Ministry and the National Health survey. The Ministry said that families in Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates can easily verify the identities of the teams by checking the ID card issued by the Ministry and another one issued by the FCSA. The picture and information on these cards can be matched with those in their Emirates ID.  The teams conducting the survey in Dubai are also carrying two separate ID cards issued by the Ministry and the Statistics Center in Dubai. The picture and information also matched with the details in their Emirates cards. 

Survey’s success lies in public cooperation and awareness 

The Ministry called on all citizens and residents selected for the survey to cooperate with and facilitate the work of the teams deployed to do the health survey. The teams consist of 150 licensed and accredited researchers and statisticians. They work under the supervision of a higher committee, whose members include representatives from all concerned entities, to ensure the success of the National Health Survey campaign supported by the FCSA and other relevant government entities. All personal information keyed in the electronic questionnaires are kept strictly confidential and will only be used by the Ministry to ensure access to accurate statistical data on community health, especially chronic diseases. This will allow the Ministry to update the national health indicators and develop data-driven health plans according to the goal of UAE National Agenda 2021 to build a global health system.

Blood, lipid, and hemoglobin tests 

The Ministry has announced that the National Health Survey targets people who are 18 years old; married women; children under the age of five; and those who are 60 years old.  The survey includes data collection and blood tests such as fasting blood glucose (FBG), HbA1c, blood lipid, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, hemoglobin levels, blood pressure, height, weight, and waist. The respondents were randomly chosen by the FCSA experts from the sample of 40 percent citizens and 60 per cent residents belonging to 10,000 families in the UAE.

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