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Employing Maharati platform in containment of COVID-19 repercussions

General / Published in 16 Sunday, August, 2020

In line with enhancing MoHAP's efforts to build health and administrative competencies and to consolidate the culture of innovation in the institutional workplace. 'Maharati' platform, a healthcare learning, and management system, has been used more than 200000 times through the regularly-updated COVID-19 knowledge management page, thanks to the availability of international and local knowledge sources such as scientific research, books, and references, in cooperation with partners and suppliers of the center's electronic library. About 7000 users from those working in the health sector have registered on the page.

'Maharati' platform offers the latest national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, as well as methods of protecting health staff and local and international training programs on how health staff should deal with the disease and the relevant necessary skills.

Also, the E-learning staff of the center has utilized Maharati platform in supporting knowledge sharing between individuals, departments, hospitals, and Ministry-run centers, where a number of internal training programs have been designed and produced based on the MoHAP's internal knowledge, capabilities, and skills.

Further, about 40 internally-developed e-training programs and 10 training courses have been offered in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and research and publishing houses of expertise such as the British Medical Journal (BMJ), with over 4000 trainees have benefited from the training programs.

Maharati platform is now supporting training programs for volunteers in a bid to bolster the efforts made by all federal and local health agencies in the country. Around 500 volunteers coming from diverse backgrounds such as fresh graduates, students, and administrators have been trained. Also, the platform has been used to train Emirati doctors dispatched for scholarships so that they could participate in supporting the telemedicine program in case they were unable to travel​

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