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Manara Platform a central database of MoHAP developed dashboards

General / Published in 25 Wednesday, November, 2020

As part of the Ministry of Health and Prevention's keenness to implement the smart government initiative, through the development of health information systems and applying global standards in the management of infrastructure for health facilities, in line with the National agenda objectives to implement a health system based on the highest international standards. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has launched Manara platform which is considered a centralized platform that helps end users in accessing different available dashboards created by Ministry of Health and Prevention, in order get the updated information easily for different specialties, analyse it and take the right decision based on the electronic medical record “Wareed".

The platform aims to point out all critical and non-critical cases to be solved and taken into consideration, and prepare contingency plans to be able to avoid futuristic issues, track the data and have a database , as well as helping in decision making and have one interface that shows you all data in a summarized and efficient way. That will save time efficient since it doesn't take very long time to analyze the data.

The scope of Manara Platform applies to MOHAP's top management, executives and decision makers as it provides a comprehensive view on Manara platform and its documentation process.

The Manara platform provides operational and clinical dashboards, based on the science of data analysis which is used to predict. It enables stakeholders to make decisions and plan to respond proactively. It also allows stakeholders to view the requested information report in one quick glance, where the dashboards are designed to be intuitive to any user, and the graphic design allows an easy and smooth navigation throughout the information.



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