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Strengthening the telemedicine system with virtual clinics

General / Published in 31 Sunday, May, 2020

In line with the government directives in terms of utilizing smart solutions in the preventive and therapeutic services to fight COVID-19. And within the Ministry of Health and Prevention's keenness to ensure the continuation of the health services to maintain people's health and safety and to continue to rely on communication technology remotely. MoHAP stated that it has recently reinforced its e-services by upgrading the services provided by outpatients clinics of the ministry-run hospitals to become virtual ones, using smart technology and digital communication systems, includes medical, nursing, and pharmacy services, as well as supporting medical specialties, such as nutrition and physiotherapy.

The clinics will also provide remote curative and consultative services to simulate the pattern of traditional medical services without the need to visit hospitals.

Since its launch, the virtual clinics have attracted more than 15,000 patients, thanks to the top-notch healthcare services provided.

On the other hand and as part of MoHAP's keenness to enhance the communication between patients and their families, especially, the senior citizens, the hospitals have launched the virtual visits to allow patients to keep in touch with their families, something that helps boost patient's morale and improve their health conditions. The new service is based on MoHAP's innovative technology solutions in the digital health field and it aims to further activate the social distancing instructions and to safeguard patients and employees from infection.

The virtual clinics deliver most of the vital medical specialties, such as cardiology, pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, nutrition, physiotherapy, remote mental health services, such as drug rehabilitation programs, psychosocial consultation, other psychiatric departments, and community psychiatry of different ages, including adults, the elderly, children, and adolescents. The clinics will also provide medicine home delivery service nationwide to ensure the continuation of the curative services amid the current circumstances.



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