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Enhancing UAE's position as a destination for the world's most qualified visiting physicians

General / Published in 11 Thursday, July, 2019

Within the framework of the constant endeavour to improve and develop health care services through the implementation of many projects and initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of customers and achieving their happiness. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has launched Visiting Consultants Program officially in 2015, aims to bring experts from all-over the world in various specialties to help ensure that our patients can equally get access to international medical advice and expertise without bearing the burden of travelling expenses and difficulties
Within the Visiting Consultants Program, the ministry is keen to benefit from the National specialized expertise aims to achieve the satisfaction of the patients. In addition to providing medical training for physicians and technicians to enhance the performance of National medical competencies, achieve excellence and leadership and implement a health system based on the highest international standards
The Ministry has launched also an interactive and smart online portal for the Visiting Consultants Programme through a seamless data exchange between different internal systems in full compliance with patient’s confidentiality and digital safety standards.  The smart portal comes as part of the government movement toward government excellence system, as well as the smart government initiative to achieve the objectives of the UAE National Agenda
The portal is considered a source of MOHAP’s digital empowerment, by establishing an integrated connectivity platform, supporting coordination and integration among the concerned parties. It allows the use of smart multi-source data, analysis, and development of solutions and policies to benefit from the expertise of visiting doctors with outstanding scientific competencies, in various disciplines to supervise and treat patients, especially rare cases, with the aim of achieving quality and excellence in health services, which are provided in all the Ministry’s facilities



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