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The launch of Robot Surgery Programme strengthening the culture of innovation and promoting the use of artificial intelligence

General / Published in 11 Thursday, April, 2019

In the era of the fourth industrial Revolution, robots and artificial intelligence entered all areas, including surgery, which is one of the most sensitive fields. In this context the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has unveiled the launching of Robotic Surgeries Programme in Gynecology and Obstetrics. This achievement, which is considered the first-of-its-kind across the UAE, comes in line with MoHAP’s integrated program to consolidate the success of robotic surgeries in the country.

Robotic Surgeries Programme in Gynecology and Obstetrics comes in the wake of the successful use of the robot in heart surgeries, noting the fast-growing use of robots and AI in modern medicine. MoHAP took the precedence in bringing the latest robots due to its capability of accessing the most difficult parts in the human body, besides its high accuracy because of the robotic arm firmness during the surgery. Additionally, the use of robots reduces doctors’ stress and also reduces patients’ pain following the surgery. Currently, robots are used in heart, sleeve gastrectomy, and urology surgeries.

MoHAP revealed the success of 3 robotic surgeries with shorter operative time (around one hour for each surgery), in addition to patients’ speed recovery. They were in good condition and left the hospital without any complications and very little pain. Surgeries were characterized by using small cuts instead of the traditional large-sized and high-risk cuts, that require longer hospitalization time.

In this context, a number of lectures were provided by specialists on the role of robotics in modern medicine, and its effectiveness in Obstetrics and Gynecology, in addition to its positive outcome in regard to the treatment progress. Diverse cases have been discussed, such as benign cysts, tumors, and other cases.

The surgical field in the coming years will see a growing correlation with robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, which will open the way for new specialties to develop robotic surgical techniques, and future surgeons may be completely different from today's surgeons.



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