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UAE launches 4th Industrial Revolution and Health Sector development strategy

General / Published in 31 Tuesday, October, 2017

The UAE has recently launched the government's strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which aims to strengthen the UAE's position as a global hub for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and contribute to a competitive national economy based on knowledge, innovation and future technological applications that integrate physical, digital and dynamic technologies. 

The strategy is aimed towards helping enhance the performance and productivity of key sectors of the UAE, including the health and medical segment—throwing key focus on ‘genomic medicine’ and the move to develop intelligent genomic medical solutions. In addition, the strategy also focuses on robotic technologies for health care and nanotechnology, which can be utilized to enhance the potential of telemedicine and healthcare services in the country. It also aims to develop health care services related to the delivery of smart medical solutions via wearable technology and the human body. This move complements the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s continuing efforts to provide comprehensive and integrated health care in innovative and sustainable ways to ensure the prevention of disease. 

UAE launches Centennial Plan 2071 to build a strong research and development base that relies on the use of artificial intelligence in services and analysis of data by 100 per cent in 2031 and the 100 per cent integration of artificial intelligence into medical services. The utilization of artificial intelligence would effectively help, especially in providing diagnosis for children’s diseases related to genetics or is inherited from their parents, such as Dun's syndrome and congenital heart disease. The UAE is aiming to be the first country in the world to carry out such specialized research.

To date, the UAE has successfully launched its ‘Soft Power Strategy’ to enhance its regional and international reputation—complementing activities and programs under the ‘Year of Giving’ initiative, such as clinics offering free consultation for all the community members and the ‘Help me hear’ initiative aimed at restoring hearing to the deaf.



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