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E-marketing of Medical Products

General / Published in 09 Monday, October, 2017

The concept of e-marketing has become a fundamental element of the e-commerce industry, which is currently witnessing huge growth in various international markets. E-commerce is also expanding substantially in the UAE market, due to widespread use of the internet, social media, applications, and email. 

A significant number of e-commerce websites do not possess the required licensing to engage in this form of trade, in addition to products not being up to standard with regards to quality. These products include weight loss supplements, cosmetics, supplements to increase muscle growth and sexual performance enhancers. The owners of the websites manipulate certain groups of people who desire to achieve the outcomes promoted. Researchers have established that adolescents, women and the elderly are the biggest target groups for these products, as they are more concerned with achieving excellent health, power and beauty, as advertised by websites selling these fabricated products. These websites are fake, and jeopardize the health of society. They are also a violation of the law.

It is important for consumers to consider the health risks involved with taking these products, as they can lead to serious complications and damage vital functions and organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. Consuming these products can even lead to death. A majority of the products sold on these websites contain unknown and unauthorized components, according to global research. These products have not undergone the necessary tests to ensure that they are safe for consumption. They are also fabricated to imitate other known products, and can be stored in poor conditions, causing a chemical reaction that can be detrimental to one’s health.



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