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Reading Initiative

UAE Reads ... UAE Upgrades

The public sector in the UAE has been a leader in applying best practices in human resources development. The plan therefore adopted the following initiatives to promote research and development through reading in the field of work.


Enrichment reading at work

Innovation is one of the most important factors for the success of institutions. To enable this, workers need time to learn about the latest scientific studies and practices to benefit from that knowledge in developing business and enhancing competitiveness. Some of the world's leading companies allocate time for their employees to read, research and think to achieve creativity. Accordingly, this initiative seeks to allocate weekly times to read printed materials in the public sector and to hold periodic discussion sessions to share the best reading with all departments.

Reading within training programs

Public sector institutions are investing in building the capabilities and capabilities of their employees through training programs. Best practices indicate that the use of training programs is increased in the case of pre-processing. Accordingly, this initiative seeks to encourage training companies that provide services to the public sector to design their programs so that the reading materials are provided to the participants before the program and involve them in discussing what was read during the courses.

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