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​ MOH welcome your compliments through one of following channels:

Channel Clarifications

Available Channel

It is the official and unified gateway of the UAE Federal Government, and customers can submit Compliments through this gate electronically. To submit your compliments to MOH through this channel, it is required to do it according to the following steps:

1.     Registration freely on MYGOV website in case you are new user.

2.     Enter your information in the custom fields on the registration form.

3.     After completing the registration procedure, you will receive an e-mail or text message with details of your user name and password.

4.     Keep the username and password to access the site in the future.

5.     After accessing the website you will be able to participate in any of the following types of records (suggestions, remarks, Compliments) after filling all the fields.

6.     After finishing all of the above, you will receive the register number via e-mail or text message.

7.     You can track the status of your record in the website, call center, or personally visit any customer service centers.

Clarification: If you already have username and password, you just sign in.

UAE Federal Feedback Gate "MYGOV"

You can submit your compliments by calling the toll-free number (80011111) and the Call Center's staff will immediately answer you and register your compliment.

The MOH Call Center


By using this channel you can send compliments through e-mail to "" clarifying the concerned employee name and service center.

Email Address

You may visit any of the MOH customer service centers, and go to the staff of customer care and record your compliments through them. Customer Service Centers
These devices are located in some of the Customer Service Centers through which you can register compliments and follow the same special procedures to register through the UAE Federal Gateway "MYGOV". KIOSKS

It is through the MOH website through which customers can access the following link and register their compliments:

The Minister Gate
You may alternatively send your compliments through MOH social network that are available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. MOH Social Network



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