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MOH Policy for Handling Complaints

Ministry of Health is committed to achieve customers' happiness and provide them with outstanding services according to their needs and expectations. MOH also believe that customer complaints are opportunities for improvement.

MOH is providing their customers with an integrated system where they can submit their complaints taking into the concern its ease of use, objectivity and maintaining the confidentiality and reliability of the information provided by customers, moreover the system is monitored and audited on a regular basis in accordance with the best practices both locally and internationally.

Also we emphasize that all complaints and suggestions will be treated as strictly confidential and importance, objectivity and efficiency taking into account the Impartiality. 

MOH complaints management system has been developed based on the requirements and the terms of ISO 10002:2014 and taking into account the UAE Federal Feedback Gate "MYGOV" and will continuously modernize and improve it.

Available channels for submitting complaints (how can customer submit their complaints)?

MOH welcomes your complaints and suggestions through one of following channels:

Channel Clarifications

Available Channel

By using this channel you can send complaints through e-mail to "" clarifying the nature of the complaint. MOH staff will register your complaint and reply to you within a very short period.

Email Address

You may visit any of the MOH customer service centers, and go to the staff of customer care and record your complaints through them. Customer Service Centers

It is through the MOH website through which customers can access the following link and register their complaints and MOH team will communicate with them resolve their complaint:

The Minister Gate

Also we hope you follow all our updates as other channels will be launched soon.

Complaints Handling Procedures

Ministry of Health applies the following procedures in handling customer complaints:

Procedure Clarifications


The customer care staff assesses the complaint, classify it, and transfer it to the specialized business unit within MOH. Initial Assessment of the complaint and adequacy of information
Once the complainant accepted the proposed action, the complaint will be closed and short term and long term actions are made to assure the reoccurrence. Closing the complaint

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make a complaint to the Ministry of Health?

Yes, you can make a complaint against any business unit. MOH has clear complaints handling policy keeping the utmost impartiality, objectivity, and confidentiality. You can make a complaint through one of the following channels:

  • UAE Federal Feedback Gate "MYGOV"
  • Via - Email Address
  • The MOH Call Center 80011111.
  • All MOH Customer Service Centers.
  • The KIOSKS devices available within some of the Customer Service Centers.
  • The MOH social Network

And MOH is continuously increasing the complaints reception channels.

What guarantees impartiality in resolving complaints ?

MOH has allocated special customer care staff members who are mainly responsible for following the needs of the customers and handling their complaints, suggestions, and clarifications. Please note that the customer care staffs are completely independent of the business units who are providing services and are fully supported by highest authority in MOH.

Are their specific time frames to resolve complaints and respond to suggestions?

Yes, MOH is committed to specific timeframe to resolve complaints as per the following key performance indicators:


Key Performance Indicator

7 working days Time required to resolve normal complaints
1 working days Time required to acknowledge complainant

Do the medical complaints follow the same procedures or time frame?

The complaints of medical nature have different procedures and are transferred to the Medical Responsibility Office and Empowerment and Medical Compliance Department who are responsible for resolving all complaints that have medical nature and touches the health matters of the patients.

To submit a complaint, does it require the complainant to give further details of the complainant "name, address and other"?

To submit a complaint, it is not necessary to record complainant name or his/her phone numbers except in special cases where the complaint is made against staff members. However; it is preferable to provide any communication channel in case there was a need for further inquiries and explanations about the nature of the complaint, knowing that the complaints are handled by independent staff and are considering the utmost confidentiality with the maximum objectivity and accuracy.

What guarantees are in place to assure the non-disclosure of the complaints?

MOH is implementing an integrated complaints handling system and follow the requirements clauses specified by ISO10002:2014, and as part of this system all customer care staff members are required to adhere to "Confidentiality Pledge", and staff involved in complaints handling system are continuously monitored.

If I dislike the resulted action from my complaint? What can I do?

In case you do not like the solution resulted of your complaint, you can raise a grievance to the highest authority in MOH and special procedures to investigate and resolve the complaint will be followed.

What do we mean by Remarks? And what is the difference between the administrative and executive remark?

The words "Remarks" is Synonymous to the word "Complaints" and is followed through the UAE Federal Gateway "MYGOV", and below are the difference between the administrative and executive remarks:

  • Administrative Remark:

    Through which the customer express his/her dissatisfaction about the procedures, transactions, or method of delivering a service during the process of acquiring the service.

  • Executive Remark:

    Through which the customer shows his/her dissatisfaction about the regulatory services and the execution of government service after acquiring it.

What are the languages used to submit complaints?

Customers can submit their complaints their complaints to MOH using Arabic or English languages, and MOH will be using other languages in the near future. ​​

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