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Healthcare Issues / 17 Sep 2017

Ministry of Health and Prevention holds workshop on non-communicable diseases

Ministry of Health and Prevention holds workshop on non-communicable diseases

The Ministry of Health and Prevention recently organized a workshop on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Dubai, in the presence of Dr. Aisha Suhail, Director of the Primary Health Care Department, MOHAP. As well as, speakers from Mohammed Bin Rashid University for Medicine and Health Sciences, Gulf Medical University, and Thumbay Hospital also graced the event. 

Dr. Suhail said addressing NCDs such as diabetes, Cardio vascular diseases, cancer, and chronic respiratory Diseases is key priority of the UAE government and Ministry of Health & Prevention. NCDs constitute a huge burden and a major public health issue in UAE as they account for 65 per cent of deaths in the country. 

She referred to the recently developed NCD multisector action plan 2017-2021 and the establishment of national Committee for NCD prevention and control with full engagements of all non-health sectors. The recent development was in response to the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on Non-Communicable Diseases and in accordance with the World Health Organization’s goal of reducing by 25 per cent all NCD-related deaths by 2025.

The results of the NCD disease integration trial were presented during the workshop and suggestions were made to strengthen the services provided. The recent evidence in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and diabetes was reviewed.

At the end of the workshop, seminars were held for medical staff, and focused on how to treat conditions. The seminars also featured a presentation on the latest developments and treatments for NCD’s, and the latest smart applications for patients with blood pressure problems.

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