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FAQs I need to conduct a premarital medical test If I'm non-Muslim?Yes, it is still necessary to undergo a premarital medical test & give the report to the responsible person so the procedure of marriage can be completed.​Health CareHealth Care are the necessary procedures in case the patient’s results show the presence of infectious diseases?<p>We recommend the importance of preventive measures and vaccinations and make sure the second party knows about the disease. The patient also should complete the consultation before taking any step.</p><p>If the parties wish to complete the marriage despite the risk, a report may be issued after completion of the necessary advice and signatures.</p><p>Transferring the patiant to specialized clinics affiliated to the MOHAP is important to complete the necessary analysis and treatment and long-term follow-up.</p><p>Inform the preventive medical parties in the area to carry out epidemiological surveillance if necessary, while also providing specialized consultations for cases that warrant this.                  </p><p>Provide the necessary preparations for illnesses like German measles and hepatitis B, especially for people who are at risk of infection and who are constantly mixed with the patients.</p><p>Ensure complete awareness for healthy and healthy pregnancy.</p>Health CareHealth Care fiance and I are from different emirates, do we have to go to the same medical center to complete the testing? ​You can conduct the medical test in an accredited center in your emirate and bring the original or a certified copy of the results of the medical test to other accredited centers in the other emirate to complete the procedures.​Health CareHealth Care

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