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FAQs I have to go through any other evaluation exam if I want to work outside MoH?<div>If you want to apply for any other health authority, you should be re-evaluated according to their own rules and regulations. However, the MoH evaluation exam covers Sharjah and the Northern Emirates ONLY.</div>Evaluation ExamEvaluation Exam are we<div>The Ministry of Health has been established under the Federal Constitution on July 18, 1971. As a federal ministry, it is responsible for managing and directing the health sector at the state level in addition to legislative and regulatory roles. The Ministry of Health also provides a set of therapeutic and administrative services through hospitals, health centers and customer services in the seven emirates</div>About MinistryAbout Ministry are the sectors and offices and departments of the Ministry of Health?<div>The Ministry of Health consists of the minister’s office, undersecretary, assistant undersecretaries and departments that work in harmony and integration to improve the needs of individuals and the health sector in general. The info can be found in can be found on the organizational structure of the Ministry of Health. Click Here</div>About MinistryAbout Ministry

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