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E-marketing of Medical Products

General / Published in 09 Monday, October, 2017

E-marketing of Medical Products


Ministry of Health and Prevention launches new service for expats in Dubai applying for residence visa for wives & household staff

Health and Care / Published in 18 Monday, September, 2017

Service available in health centers in Al Muhaisnah, Al Ittihad & Hor Al Anz


UAE represented by Ministry of Health & Prevention wins best Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard for second consecutive year

Health and Care / Published in 18 Monday, September, 2017

Award received during Global Business Intelligence Symposium organized by Infosol


Ministry of Health & Prevention highlights most important achievements in ICT at WSIS

Health and Care / Published in 12 Wednesday, July, 2017

Summit designed to facilitate exchange of best practices & develop collaborative partnerships among leading international organizations



Health and Care / Published in 22 Monday, May, 2017

Poliomyelitis (polio) is a contagious viral illness which is often characterizes by acute onset of flaccid paralysis (polio infection occurs in the digestive tract, then spread to nearby lymph nodes, and in few cases infection is transmitted to the central nervous system). It is also known as an acute communicable disease, entering human body via the mouth and multiplies in the bowel and invades the digestive system. It can cause complete paralysis in a matter of hours, and often affects children under five.



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