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Umm Al Quwain

1.   Important Information about the Center

The customer service center at Umm Al Quwain District has been established in 2012, and is considered one of the services center in the Ministry of Health & Prevention and is located at the same building of UAQ Medical District. The center offer a group of services for its customers, and below are the key information of the center:

The Center address

Umm Al Quwain- king Faisal Road

Opp. UAQ Hospital

Al Rawdah Building

Fourth Floor

Working Days & Hours

Sunday to Thursday

From 7:30 am morning to 14:30 in the Evening

Peak Times From 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
The average Waiting Time Less than 3 minutes "The time might be higher at the peak times"
The Average number of customers per hour 8 Customer


2.   Services Provided by the Center:

The Centre provides a range of services according to service delivery systems as follows:

Licensing and Evaluation of Healthcare Professionals Licensing and renewal of healthcare professionals including doctors , pharmacists, and technicians in different specialties and levels.
Sick Leaves and Medical Reports Attestations of Sick Leave and medical reports.
Licensing & Registration of Healthcare Facilities Licensing and registration of medical stores, scientific centers, pharmacies, and related.
Customer Care Customer Complaints, Suggestions, and inquiries.
Health Registration Issuance of health cards, renewal, and replacement of cards
Control & Inspections The control and inspection of medical facilities such as the inspection and inspection of medicines and fines payments.


3.   Center Sections

The center include the following sections:

Reception office Will document customer information and will organize the entry and ease service delivery.
Customer Services officer/ counters Will provide customers with the requested services
Customer Happiness office Will provide you with full support ensure an excellent, happy, and easy customer journey.
Center Manager Office Will provide you with full support ensure an excellent, happy, and easy customer journey.


4.   General Facilities available in the center

The following facilities are available in the center:

  • Free Car Parking.
  • A dedicated Elevator only for customers/
  • Public Transport available directly in front of the center.
  • Free Snacks and Soft drinks Machine.
  • Free Wi Fi.
  • Printing and copy machine.
  • Reservations & Travel Office in the same building.
  • Separated waiting area for men and women with comfortable chairs.
  • Prayers rooms for men and women and specials chairs for elders.
  • Toilets.
  • Small tables in the waiting area.
  • Special devises to assess customer happiness and satisfaction.


5.   Contact the center

You may contact Umm Al Quwain Customer Service Center at following:

Center Phone Number +97167649000
Center Manager Phone Number +97167649000 (101 ext.)
Customer Happiness Phone Number +97167649000 (109 ext.)
Center Email Address


6.   Center Location and Coordinates

Location Map

Coordinates:  25°19'55.7"N 55°23'24.5"E​

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